Real Time Electrophoresis

Roylab Global is an innovative system that combines blue LED lighting and an inbuilt power supply to create a real time electrophoresis system giving you near instant verification of results. It is perfect for saving time in quick sample check or for teaching the principles of electrophoresis.

Power supply integrated within the base unit – adjustable in precise 1V or 1mA increments to a maximum 150V or 300mA constant voltage or current output; timer function to 999 minutes for extended runs

Specialist combs for specialist applications – double-sided 1mm preparatory combs (1-/2-sample and 4-/16-sample standard) included for nucleic acid recovery, plus four multichannel compatible 20-/28-sample combs for rapid screening of nucleic acids from 96-well thermal cycler blocks and microtitre plates. Extra thick 3mm preparatory combs also included for enhanced DNA recovery.

Original runVIEW CHOICE consists of an multiSUB CHOICE gel chamber with special bluVIEW lid, containing an orange spectral emission filter within its viewing pane, plus a base unit with integrated power supply and blue LED gel illuminator.

place the gel tank and agarose gel onto the base station

load samples as with the standard MSCHOICE tank

fit the bluVIEW lid and start the run to observe band in real time

Track DNA without harmful UV

UV light can cause detrimental effects to the structure of DNA, meaning DNA extracted from UV imaged gels have significantly lower yields in downstream applications such as cloning and sequencing. Blue light, at a high wavelength massively increases downstream yield in comparison to UV when used for gel visualisation. Not only does the runVIEW system allow increased downstream reliability, it also protects the user from exposure to UV light, and provides a real time view of DNA migration, meaning constant check using gel documentation systems are no longer required.

No expensive commercial gels

Roylab Global works with standard EtBr, SYBR Green and SYBR Safe gels cast within the 15×7, 15×10 or 15x15cm CHOICE gel trays, and therefore does not require expensive precast gels and accessories.

A self-contained system

The base unit, which houses the in-built power
supply and blue LED gel illuminator, is compact, dual-voltage and portable, and allows electrophoresis, gel visualisation and extraction to be performed at the bench, without the inconvenience of having to transport gels to a darkroom elsewhere within the laboratory.major power supplies, adapters are available to provide complete compatibility.

UV Gel Documentation System: DOCAMROY

DoCamRoy is a portable, lightweight gel documentation system with small footprint, designed exclusively to provide a complete real-time electrophoresis and imaging system. It comprises a lightweight darkroom hood and a high resolution 18-megapixel digital camera to capture images of nucleic acid gels samples

Gel Documentation System:

  • Complete Electrophoresis documentation system
  • Camera integrated, 18 megapixels
  • Portable, lightweight acrylic hood
  • Compatible with GelphorRoy
  • Delivers publication ready documents
  • Accommodates orange and blue filters for

18-megapixel camera:

  • 1/1.7 Type Cmos Sensor with
  • Digi4+ processor
  • 8 GBSD memory card
  • Lens type Ef-S 18-55mm
  • Li-ion batteries and plug-in charger

DoCamRoy Key Features:

  • All-in-one gel documentation system
  • High res publication ready pictures
  • 18-megapixel camera included
  • Compact 410 x 492 x 240 mm
  • Lightweight: 3kg incl. camera
  • Portable darkroom slides over EP-tray
  • Interchangeable filter slides (orange, blue)
  • Aperture: F/3.5(W) –F/5.6(H)
  • Shutter speed: 30 – 1/4000s
  • Camera Filter: +3 close up
  • Ebony black darkroom material