Laboratory Furniture

New process energy-saving alloy

High pressure thermosetting resin plate fume hood

VAV new technology of high pressure resin fume hood

structure include high pressure resin and professional forming aluminium

Front columns use 136*200 professional forming mould to produce. It is easy to maintain multi-function panel and sockets. There is enough space to install water electric, gas, control PCB.

Moving doors use professional forming mould to produce. We can supply vertical and horizontal glass `{`3+3 laminatedglass `}` for customers .Including 450 mm protecting function, it is safe for operator.

New concept of air flowing technology can protect human when they moving.

Workbench size Workbench loading Single storage bottom floor loading Storage floor & bottom floor loading Drawer loading Function-column storage reagent frame loading
L*750/1500*850 (mm) 1m≥ 400kg/800kg ≥90kg ≥40kg ≥40kg Per floor ≥50kg

Function cabinet

Fireproof Cabinet

The fire safety cabinet is a double-layer fireproof steel plate structure with two steel plates spaced between each other about 40mm, filled with special fireproof materials and better fire performance.

Long-lasting, lead-free epoxy paint is applied inside and outside the cabinet to increase resistance to chemicals.

From the bottom of the cabinet it is about 50mm. It is a high leak-proof tank is more likely to prevent spillage of chemical liquids.

Unique galvanized laminate, anti-corrosion, anti-liquid leakage, loadable about 100 kg of items

Vents with two fire protection devices are located on either side of the cabinet.

The unique double handle design increases the safety of the item.

It can store chemicals, alcohol, pesticides, paints, oil and gas tanks

Acid / Alkaline proof cabinet

Material Description:

Cabinet – 12 Spraying epoxy paint on the surface of cold rolled steel Laminate and laminate adjustment panels: high quality Galvanized Steel Mezzanine: fireproof material Handle size : 100x 50x 1.5mm

Design Standards


High pressure thermosetting resin board high cabinet

Material Description:

The high cabinet uses high-pressure thermosetting resin plate without metal splicing (including the box body and the load-bearing frame), and is also moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosive, environmentally friendly, durable performance.

High-pressure thermosetting resin board is CNC-cut, special tool opening, milling, trimming and chamfering, all exposed edges are smooth with no rough-cutting edges.

All joints are connected with the help of CNC and the tool is slotted and assembled on special equipment to increase the joint area and improve the stability of the box.

High-pressure thermosetting resin sheets with different surface treatments can be customized according to the needs of special laboratory environments (such as antibacterial series)

Rich in colour, light in colour, warm in wood, and grey in colour to meet different customer needs.

Material Description:

Cabinet: 127mm (High pressure thermosetting resin board)
Door Panel: 127mm (High pressure thermosetting resin board)
Adjustable backboard: 127mm (High pressure thermosetting resin board)