UV Spectrophotometers

Ultra-Micro volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

NanoReady: FC-1100

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NanoReady: FC-3100

Instrument Specifications

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Fault and Troubleshooting

Ultra Micro Flash Spectrophotometers

Flash 2000A Plus:

Used for nucleic acid, protein quantification and quantification of bacterial growth concentrations. Based on the 2000A Plus, the cuvette module and incubation module have been added to expand more applications.


  • 190-850nm – Full spectrum scan
  • 0.2-2.0ul – Microscopy size
  • 3648pixels – Row type CCD arrangement
  • UV scanning: Standard UV rays to detect specimen absorbance value
  • Nuclei Acid Test : Allow scan of different types of nucleic acid density and within 260nm, 280nm absorbance value. of dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA etc.
  • Cells culture test: scan cells culture at 600nm absorbance value.
  • Protein scan: scan ordinary purification protein density and 280nm absorbance value.
  • Protein labelling scan: allow scan of BCA, Bradford or Lowry labelled protein, automatically produces the standard lines and calculates the special scan protein density.
  • Blood colour comparison platform: allows to use basic dynamics analysis and cells density scan, user can use according to samples quantity to choose traditional rays(10mm) for comparison, or choose 5mm, 2mm or 1 mm light for comparison.

Flash 2000A:

This Ultra-Micro Spectrophotometer has become a routine instrument in modern molecular biology laboratories. Often used for nucleic acid, protein quantification and quantification of bacterial growth concentrations.


IMS Intelligent Measurement System uses leading technology Flash Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry , the scanner internal highly precise magnetic equipment allows real time analysis of spectrophotometry measuring arm status, when users are using the scanner, the scanner will automatically predicts the analysis intentions, using software to issues orders, resulting in simpler, high efficient and improve user experience.

Date Security System

DSS security system is a leading technology of Flash ultraviolet Spectrophotometry, during the use of the machine, the software will save data in real time, regardless of electricity stoppage, computer stoppage, or user accidental deletion incidents etc., DSS system will allow recovery or previous test data and also all the samples testing variances setting, this function is vital for limited but expensive tests.

Real Time Analysis

The power of the Flash software analysis will not only provide basic scan functions but also include additional analysis function, users can select from a few preset data, RTA real time analysis will based on selected data to plot graphs, variance calculation, line graph analysis, providing users with fast and efficient analysis

Interference Analysis System

IAS is a proprietary software by Leadaeon Technology, Flash Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry , uses American Ocean optics spectrometer, allowing for full spectrum scan, Flash software will collect data at 190-850nm wavelength of the specimen, allowing analysis of the specimen interference such as microparticle, xxx or bubbles interference, in such provide advices on the interference, allowing users to be able to use a more robust data for studies.